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Recent Postings

Dr. Nigel Gilbert of the University of Surrey, a leading scientist in the field of Computational Social Science, as well as long-time friend of our Center and a member of our original External Board, has been appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Congratulations, Nigel!

Doctorates in Computational Social Science were conferred upon ten of our CSS students at the recent Convocation ceremony for the College of Science. We are so proud of them and of their tremendous accomplishment. Following are the students along with the titles of their dissertations:

  • Thomas J. Dover, Implementing a Complex Social Simulation of the Violent Offending Process: The Promise of a Synthetic Offender
  • Jose Manuel Magallanes, Climate Change and the Potential for Conflict and Extreme Migration in the Andes: A Computational Approach for Interdisciplinary Modeling and Anticipatory Policy Making
  • David P. Masad, Agents in Conflict: Comparative Agent-based Modeling of Intrnational Crises and Conflicts
  • Hugh James McFarlane, An Agent-based Model of Community Authority Structure Resilience
  • Cristina Metgher, A Computational Social Science Approach to the Social Determinants of Cancer
  • Nathan Palmer, Individual and Social Learning: Bounded Rationality from First Principles
  • Ovi Chris Rouly, Towards Emergent Social Complexity
  • Holly Ann Russo, Explaining Box Office Performance from the Bottom up: Data, Theories, and Models
  • Stephen L. Scott, Computational Modeling for Marine Resource Management
  • Hyungsik Shin, An Essay on Micro Heterogeneity and the Evolution of Inequality

Posted 5/12/16.

Claudio Cioffi, Joey Harrison, and Meysam Alizadeh, members of the CSC component of the Minerva Project on Radicalization, along with the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan, and the University of Warsaw, presented their work at the 2015 Minerva Meeting and Program in September. At the meeting sponsored by ONR, MASON models drew attention and praise for being at the cutting edge of agent-based simulation research.

Posted 11/12/15

Dr. Shu-Hen Cheng, professor from National Cheng-chi Univerisity (NCCU) in Taipei, Taiwan, and editor of several noted academic journals, visited the Center for Social Complexity recently to discuss the future of collaboration between our respective groups. Possible topics include agent-based and complexity modeling on domains such as computational historical dynamics, disaster modeling and risk analysis, and applications in economics and finance. Dr. Cioffi will visit Dr. Cheng at the new NCCU institute for computational social science in 2016.

Posted 10/26/15

Dr. Claudio Cioffi attended attended the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in Seattle October 8-11. This is one of several meetings leading up to his participation in global humanitarian science and technology forums to disseminate the new agent-based model NorthLands of the Mason-Smithsonian Joint Project.

New MASON Northlands Unveiled. Dr. Claudio Cioffi announced the new MASON NorthLands, an agent-based model of climate change and emergent societal impacts, at the annual conference of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA), in Groningen, Netherlands, September 14-18. This is the main “federated” model of the Mason=Smithsonian Joint Project on Climate and Society, funded by the Cyber-enabled Discoveries and Innovation (CDI) Program of the the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Peter Froncek, GRA and member of the the joint team on the NorthLands model, will present his research on cultural evolution, building on R. Reynolds’s work with cultural algorithms, at the upcoming workshop on Computational Social Science in Cologne, Germany, this month. Peter also passed his qualifying doctoral exams with flying colors and is now preparing his doctoral dissertation proposal leading to candidacy. Sean Luke has released a new version of MASON (Multi-Agent Simulator of Networks and Neighborhoods), available from the MASON website.

Many Thanks to Andrew Crooks for serving as Acting Director of CSC while Claudio Cioffi served in the Provost’s office as Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Andrew “kept the fires burning” — a big Thank-You to Andrew from all CSC members!

Paper-of-Record published by Claudio Cioffi, Dan Rogers, and Bill Honeychurch, on the MASON Hierarchies model, created for advancing understanding of the rise and fall of polities in Inner Asia, including the Mongol Empire. Read: MASON HIERARCHIES: A LONG-RANGE AGENT MODEL OF
. 9/17/15

Qing Tian, CSS Faculty, has co-authored two papers published recently in professional journals:

Tian, Q., Brown, D.G., Bao, S, Qi, S. (2015). Assessing and mapping human well-being for sustainable development amid flood hazards: Poyang Lake Region of China. Applied Geography, 63, 66-76.

Tian, Q., Brown, D.G., Zheng, L., Qi, S., Liu, Y., Jiang, L. (2015). The role of cross-scale social and environmental contexts in household-level land-use decisions, Poyang Lake Region. Annals of Association of American Geographers. DOI: 10.1080/00045608.2015.1060921. 9/3/15

Cioffi and Crooks Lecture in Lipari. Claudio Cioffi and Andrew Crooks, Center for Social Complexity, were featured lecturers at the Lipari International Summer School in Computational Social Science held July 25-31 on Lipari Island, Italy. The theme of this year’s session was Algorithms, Data, and Models for Social and Urban System. For more information, visit the school’s web site 8/10/15

Bill Honeychurch, former CSC postdoc and adjunct CSS faculty member, now at Yale University, has a new book out. Inner Asia and the Spatial Politics of Empire, published by Springer, is available for purchase at Amazon. 7/22/15

Andrew Crooks and Bill Kennedy are serving as Acting Director and Senior Adviser, respectively, while Claudio Cioffi is acting as GMU’s Interim Vice President for research. Dr. Cioffi will return to his position as Director of the Center on August 25. 7/22/15

Former CSC researcher develops new MASON model. Ates Hailegiorgis, formerly with the Center for Social Complexity’s Mason-Smithsonian Joint Project on Climate Change and Societal Consequences, and affiliate faculty at the Center, is now with the US Geeological Survey, Leetown Science Center, where he has developed a new MASON model of the lower Mississippi Alluvial Region. For more information, go to 7/15/15