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William G. Kennedy


Dr. Kennedy is an Associate Professor at George Mason University. Before coming to Mason in 2008, he had completed full careers in the Navy (30 years in the Submarine Service and the Naval Reserves) and with the federal government (Nuclear Regulatory Commission (10 yrs) and then Department of Energy (15 yrs)). He earned a Ph.D. in Information Technology in 2003 (Artificial Intelligence) and retired from federal civil service two years later. A 3 year post-doc at the Naval Research Laboratory in cognitive robotics changed his research interests toward Cognitive Science. His research is now in modeling cognitive processes, such as learning and trust, and modeling human behavior in agent-based models of groups and societies. His research home is the Center for Social Complexity in the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, but he is also also affilated with the College of Science’s Department of Computational and Data Science and teaches for both the Computational Social Science program and the Department of Psychology.

Dr. Kennedy’s current projects include a contract from the Logistics Management Institute (LMI) for a NASA project to research new language and visualization methods that will create a coherent and shared framework for the specification, design, development, management, and use of what are to a large degree unregulated autonomous systems. In a second project, funded by DTRA, Dr. Kennedy and his team are working to advance understanding of the behavioral and social effects of a nuclear weapon of mass destruction (WMD) event on a large-city population. The goal is to anticipate early response to the disaster in order to suggest ways to mitigate the damage, such as more effectively maximizing emergency responder resources and behaviors or designing disaster response educational programs.

You can visit his Website here.

Contact Information
Office: Research 371
Telephone: 703-993-9291