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Qing Tian


Dr. Tian is assistant professor in the Mason’s department of Computational and Data Sciences. She holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, as well as a B.S. in Computer Science from Beijing University, one M.S. in Cartography and Remote Sensing from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a second M.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University. She has worked as an assistant research professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing), research fellow at the International Center for Science and High Technology/United Nations Industrial Organization (Trieste), and software engineer for VERITAS Software (Reston, VA).

Much of Dr. Tian’s research in land use and development is oriented around three principal questions: What is the current state of a system (which suggests where the problems are and how we may improve the system)? How do individual actions and interactions embedded within local and broader social and environmental settings shape the state of the system? How may the system evolve further in the future, and how can policies facilitate moving the system toward more desirable states?

She has broad interests in human cognition, development, land use and land cover change, human-environment systems, and complex adaptive systems in general. Dr. Tian has published frequently and her recent text, Rural Sustainability: A Complex Systems Approach to Policy Analysis, is available from Springer (2017). The book is a comprehensive and reader-friendly introduction to the field of computational social science (CSS), examining the four key methodological approaches of automated social information extraction, social network analysis, social complexity theory, and social simulation modeling.

Visit her Web page to find out more.

Contact Information
Office: 374 Research Hall, MS 6B2
Telephone: 703-993-1405